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How the Dancer Sees Things

Many of us tend to look at dance and see the grace and beauty of the art. That’s probably the way dancers see things, too. But, there’s another side that may reflect better what they do. Something they really want you to understand.

There is athleticism and power. I find that dancers like their imagery to reflect this. Not just soft and pretty (sometimes), but grittier and edgier. Yea, that’s better. Soft tutus are nice. Badass ballerinas even better.

I’ll admit, I kind of like this too.

I’m a strobe guy, and one of the reasons is I can control the light. I don’t necessarily have to play with the hand I’m dealt. I can bring my own.

So lets say hypothetically speaking that you find yourself  behind a building in Phoenix, Arizona, next to a parking lot that’s south facing. It’s noon, and the sun is high and harsh. And there happens to be a hip-hop dancer doing a freeze. Whatcha gonna do?

Well, you could play the hand, but what is going to make that dancer stand out? You could go wide aperture, which will blur the background, but the dancer will still blend in. There’s nothing to slap you in the face and say hey, you – yea, I’m talking to you – look at this!

OR  you could bring out the strobes and wrestle that sun – put it in a headlock, so to speak, and make it look like it’s 9PM – to drop that ambient right out of there. That will also pull your dancer up, highlighting her. Then you season it with a little rim light (using the sun to help) to emphasize her physique and voila: now we’re talkin‘. Add a little somethin’/somethin’ to go wide with that aperture, and HELLO! Hip-hop, baby! The way it’s meant to be.

Kinda like this:

 This ain’t no pink tutu. This is power. It’s still beautiful and graceful. But it’s also badass. Just like it’s supposed to be.

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