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Herding Cats

has to be a lot easier than dealing with an 18 month old. Especially on location. With no real boundaries to limit movement. And so much to explore!

I was in Gettysburg, PA, to a family event and had the opportunity to photograph my grandson.

I tried to keep things simple, but I did bring a studio head. I always prefer the control and the shooting opportunities that strobe allows. I can key shift or I can fill at my discretion. I have control.

In shooting Leo, though, this is the view I generally enjoyed:

© Donald J. Fadel, Jr. |

Yes, this is a lit photo. I generally prefer lighting patterns on the face but, hey, you take what you can get.

Occasionally he did turn around, although no doubt a tease of what could be:

© Donald J. Fadel, Jr. |

Before you can say “Leo!” it was off to the races again:

© Donald J. Fadel, Jr. |

Although a solemn place, there is an undeniable beauty to the Gettysburg area. I had been there many times (I still have a magazine I bought there in the 1968). I was proud to shoot there.

I think even Leo understood because he did pause long enough for me to frame and shoot (and stay in the light):

© Donald J. Fadel, Jr. |

For the second time in roughly a month I was able to experience fall outside of my adopted state of Florida. The fall color, the simplicity and beauty of the Gettysburg landscape, and the history, were all humbling and inspiring.

Yet, there is something special about a person being in an image. We humans are part of this earth, and a person in a shot ties the two together.

Thankfully Leo was there to provide that connection. At least for some of the time.

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