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Happy Holidays 2016

I try to have fun with holiday cards. These are very personal projects and an opportunity for creative outlet. And with a very definite theme, there is enough of a constraint to help guide the process.

That should make it easier.

Alas, this year’s card was a new experience for me as for the first time I was an empty nester, with a daughter off to college on the opposite coast. So I was flying solo.

Under time pressure, and with a lot going on in my world, I frantically started searching for inspiration. After rejecting a couple of ideas, this one popped in my head: I was a photographer, after all, and this seemed a good fit. I had the old Burke & James 5×7 sitting on a shelf, found the tripod in my attic, and for the first time in years the two met again.

© Donald J. Fadel, Jr. |

I kept the lighting simple – a 57″ parabolic and a strip for rim.

And since posing is such an important part of the photographic process, I thought I’d strike a couple! O, the irony.

Happy holidays to you and yours! May 2017 bless you with opportunity and prosperity.


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