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Been busy, so the posts have been few and far between. But it’s about time, I think …

Part of my flickr feed has Elke Vogelsang, a German photographer specializing in dog photography. I loved the goofy looking dogs, and thought Hey, I know a couple. So let the madness begin …

Diamond was really the one I had in mind for this, and didn’t disappoint (although she was very excited and somewhat hard to control).

I hadn’t planned on Belle, as she is well, docile (snicker, snicker). We put these sunglasses I had on both, but Diamond would have no part of it. Belle at first didn’t either, but I suppose she resigned herself and wore them for like 15 minutes, no problem. She did, however, have a look described as she’s pissed – that’s her *&$% you expression

Forgive me for not using my (more) expensive strobes on this (I used the ones I started out with – Alien Bees); nothing wrong with them at all but I wanted to minimize the damage should an accident occur (Diamond has a tail a.k.a weapon). I thought a ring flash would work well, but the effect on the pupils of the dogs eyes was not pleasant, so I ended up using it from a “standard” softbox position overhead.

Technical details as ever on flickr.

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