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Goodbye Old Friend

Life is transitory. We can’t escape that fact.

For 6 years I have shot at the Kind Studio at the intersection of Mayport and Plaza in Atlantic Beach, literally right down the street from my house. In November the studio closed. Sad day for me.

Looking back through my catalog I reminisced, remembering the many shoots that occurred there. The studio was instrumental in the development of my style and evolution as a photographer.

The first shoot I did wasn’t for a client. My daughter, ever the guinea pig, was victim 1:


The studio actually started in Suite 9, then moved to 10 right next door. Or was it the other way around? How quickly things fade. I didn’t pay attention to the address, just sent the link to clients and away we went.

9 had both a black and a white cyc, garage door access, a bar, and a makeup area. No bathroom.


This image shows the cyc and the garage door to camera right. That’s Krystina. Always did have a thing for dancers.

I also in general despised the fact that the cyc had a glossy finish (you can see the specular behind her to camera left.

The bar came in handy for shots like this of Jenny Lynn:


Suite 10 had the bathroom, was slightly smaller, with only a white cyc. At least the paint wasn’t glossy. We had lots of fun there:


I still have a bag with those rose petals (and bits of lint from the floor). As a studio it was a little too small (just like the rooms in my house – if only it were a foot wider). Addie with the leap, Kristen apply the petals, Nat trying to sync the jump. Needless-to-say, this was an outtake.

It also had a painted brick exterior wall, which Faith used to good effect.

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This key, however, no longer unlocks Suite 10.

© Donald J. Fadel, Jr. |


Looking for a new place, with a new key. Who knows what memories it will hold?

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