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Glamour: It’s Back

Glamour photography has always been reserved for magazines. Or model portfolios. Not for “ordinary” people.

I don’t think that’s fair.

I’m going to do something about it.

Thank’s to Sue Bryce for opening my eyes to glamour’s place in a portrait offering. I’m starting to shoot it more. Glamour has always been a component of what I shot, but mostly as part of modeling sessions. And sometimes it did make its way into mainstream portraiture. Queue “Glamour Shots,” a glitzy shopping mall based service. Holy 80’s, Batman! Big hair! Big makeup! Is that really you, Louise?

But this time around glamour is different. It’s sophisticated. Timeless. Classic.

It’s not about the glitz. It’s about flattering the subject. It’s stylistically part of a contemporary portrait, one that involves lifestyle, simplicity, and connection with the viewer. It’s about the details: the pose, expression, lighting, post processing. It’s not just the image, but the experience in creating the image as well.

Here is Faith, demonstrating what I am currently shooting:


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