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Fun With Paint

I’ve always wanted to do an image using paint, and I had been struggling with how to use some of the dance shots from the latest session with Natalie. I came across an image by Tim Tadder, liked the commercial feel of it, and was inspired to do this one which seemed a natural fit:

© Donald J. Fadel, Jr. |

I haven’t done a conceptual composite in a while and I’m really happy with the results.

The challenge in any composite is to match lighting, create appropriate shadows, and of course have the images blend as seamlessly as possible. I went through a couple of iterations of how Natalie would interact with the paint after playing with the placement of the paint itself. It was the shadow areas that ultimately determined where to place her relative to it. Further editing supported this placement using supplemental shadow. I was fortunate that we shot her on white – same color as the paint – so color reflections on her (and on the paint) were largely taken care of.

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