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Flowing Locks

Maybe because it’s the fact that I am lock-free (you always seem to want what you don’t have) but I’m really into blowing hair. What were once rejected images (sometimes) have become favorites as of late. What they have in common is wind blown hair.

This image I took of Lana a few years ago during a trip to Malibu:

Updated with my current taste in glamor post processing, the wind whipping through her hairs adds a sense of movement in addition to the aesthetics. I also find that partially obscuring the face actually highlights it – like a curtain being drawn back. It also echoes the movement of the dress.

I did no skin retouching on this image – it’s all Lana.

I am fairly conservative when it comes to skin retouching; I do not like the plastic look popular today. You can instantly tell it’s not real. Sometimes the image does call for flawless skin (tight headshots in a beauty style, for example). I know I have it right when people ask “Does she really have flawless skin or did you retouch it?” If it was obvious, they wouldn’t have to ask. Intuitively you may know, but that question has to remain in your mind – or it is not real enough for my taste.

I also tend to scale back if an image is to be used for a model portfolio. The agency would want to see and portray the model – not a heavily retouched version.

But in editorial images such as this, there is more flexibility. And thanks to Lana and her beautiful skin, the decision to not retouch was an easy one.

The strong triangular shadow caused by my speedlight (and her hair) might be objectionable, but overall I think it works. It is up way too high, but, then again, so was Lana. Had she been lower the expectation would be for it to fall below the nose line for Rembrandt style lighting. Because of the limitations of this location shoot I worked with what I had, and I think if anything that shadow adds interest. Or, at the least, it’s forgivable.

This was taken at Point Dume, a fantastic location. The wind can be quite strong, especially on top of the bluff. The rocks on the face of the bluff make interesting backgrounds for telling all sorts of stories with your camera. Including beautiful women with flowing, windblown, hair.

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