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Ferrari eau de toilette

Ah, Amazon. You’re only a click away.

I purchased a new cologne, and when I received it I immediately knew I wanted to photograph it. And create a composite (that part was relatively easy – the brand pretty much dictated background treatment). 

There’s no pressure from clients, also, so personal projects like this are a nice break and allow for personal interpretation.

From the start I saw this in an advertising presentation. I felt the bottle alone wasn’t enough – it needed context. Or, I felt, demanded it.

I wanted to convey a sense of speed (you know, like their cars), which was also the motivation for the checkered flag. I added a beauty shot of Rebecca, from a shoot some years ago, as “motivation” also. She also balances the composition.

Photographing an opaque bottle like this is significantly easier than a transparent one, which I was grateful for. All I needed to do was highlight shape and dimension.

Technical details as ever on Flickr.

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