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Fashion Flare

Bringing a fashion flare (a term best employed by Lindsay Adler) to portrait photography seems to be the rage. Sue Bryce increasingly incorporates a fashion look into her glamor offerings as well.

I’ve been playing around with it myself.

Part of the look I achieve through wardrobe and how it is shot, and part of it comes from post processing technique.

This is an image of Rebecca I shot months ago that I decided to play with in post processing.

To me, what adds a fashion look to this image is the pose, camera angle (slightly below), and the very flat lighting. It’s interesting that this style is, to me, actually easier than traditional portrait lighting ¬†where lighting patterns are very important.

The crop (or lack thereof) also lends this feel to the image. It is borderline here; the loose crop places more emphasis on the clothes and less on her, making it more a fashion image than a portrait. But it does look like it could be used on a magazine cover (with plenty of room for the masthead), and that’s the look I wanted to convey.

With some variations to the pose and camera position to account for different body types, any woman can be successfully photographed with a “fashion flare”.

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