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I heard that chocolate milk was a great recovery drink for running and lifting. I tried this particular brand one day, and am hooked. It’s great. I buy ’em 4 at a time.

I considered shooting the bootle since I started drinking it. Didn’t get around to it.

Wanting some peer review, though, I enrolled in a product workshop and the opportunity presented itself to get off my can and shoot it. 

It was difficult; the shape of the bottle, color palette, and lettering were a challenge. I shot slightly up to give more of a majestic feel to the bottle. Light is coming from behind and to the sides, courtesy of a couple strip boxes through large scrims. A reflective white card is filling from this as well (leverage what you can while you can. Economy of effort). 

On review, the shot was well received. And I was happy with it (the 2 don’t always go hand-in-hand). I did work hard on it, and it’s great to flex the lighting muscles. And, the 8 shots to do in the workshop should allow me to push myself. Always a good thing.


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