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Event Pics

Specifically, dance events. Competitions. Conventions. A forum to display all of the hard work, to learn, to compete.

You want memories, right?

Well, the dance company or convention will be happy to sell you some of your precious one. Usually from dead front center at a nice angle so that 1/20th of their background shows. Or all of the background and that spec of a dancer that you hold so dear.

Hey, event photography is tough. I know. Fast action in low light. Crap for a background. Each image has to be processed. And when you are shooting hundreds of dances, that’s a tough ¬†job.

There are some event photographers that will provide processed images once you make your selections. This is a big improvement.

I’m not dissing event photography. I’ve shot many myself. But the circumstances don’t really lend themselves to art. Usually. If you shoot from the side and up close, you can get better angles and eliminate the background. Or incorporate it in more interesting ways. You can isolate individual dancers, especially with large groups where everyone, it seems, get lost.

But, you know, after about the 20th event or so, things start looking pretty much the same. How special is that?

If instead what you want is an image of your dancer, at that age, demonstrating her skill in costume, perhaps there is a better way. A place where the photographer can control more of the variables in creating the image. The lighting. The pose. The location.

No, the image won’t be a recording of this dance at that particular event at precisely the moment of¬†occurrence. But it will give you something more. It will be art. Skillfully executed. Unique. With your choice or a collaborative choice of what you want to convey. Skill? Precision? Grace? Beauty? Maybe a little frivolity thrown in to convey all. What about juxtaposition?

How about a ballerina with power tools?

The choices are there for you to explore. Studio or location portraits of dancers, if properly executed, will be more meaningful to you 10 years from now than an event pic. I’m not saying don’t buy them. Just don’t let them or dance studio pictures be your only record of your dancer. Make some art, too. These will end up on the living room wall and not just in a scrap book.


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