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Eric, Malibu, and the Law

My bud Charles and I found ourselves on the California coast last week, supplemental lighting and all. Thats is, I actually remembered to bring triggers with me (last trip I forgot them and had to go au naturale).

I don’t feel that I have enough male models in my portfolio, so we shot two (they all survived), going for a GQ/Abercrombie/beach lifestyle look. This image of Eric is representative:

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I do love the leading lines of the coast and general scenery around Malibu. And of course you know I have to key shift. I can’t help it. Actually, in this case, it was synergistic as the day was overcast and the light falling, Fast.

Even though my Quadra is a modest 400WS, apparently it puts out enough light near dusk to attract the wrong kind of attention. The kind that wears a badge. Officer Park Ranger was inquisitive, friendly, and and looking for that permit. Permit?  You need a permit for this type of stuff? Really? Well, I’m from out of town, officer. Welcome to California.

Thankfully he didn’t feel the need to ticket me. He was very nice, complimented me on my equipment, and let us go.

Hey, we were losing the light anyway.

More to come.

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