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En Pointe

I think it was Joe McNally who got me interested in photographing dancers. Actually, Joe was a big influence in general. It didn’t hurt that my daughter is a dancer – off to college now but still studying dance. 

It’s been a while, and I was a bit rusty with the jumps (and, while the a7r2 is a fine photographic instrument, it isn’t ideal for this sort of thing).

But doing session work with a ballerina is always a joy, especially with one as talented and photogenic as Natalia. 

I chose to cross-light these, appropriate as she is often perpendicular to camera with her poses. I also like the edge lighting. I chose a rather large source (a large parabolic umbrella) and a large strip for the opposite light, letting the light wrap to front.

We worked both on seamless (which of course wrinkled unmercifully on me) as well as the bars of the studio in background.

Many thanks to Britney Boyd Dance Company for use of their wonderful studio.

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