Retouching Fundamentals Course

This course, featuring 2 1/2 hours of video instruction plus practice files and a reference document, shows my approach to retouching based on over 15 years of digital processing experience. Using basic Photoshop tools, I cover retouching a product/still life shot and 2 portraits: a baby and a young adult.

My approach includes a natural look enhancing while correcting flaws – but not over the top.

The course will not go into beauty retouching or compositing (the blending of multiple images to achieve a final image). This course is about retouching – correcting flaws and making adjustments to clarify and enhance an image. The course is also not a Photoshop tutorial. I’ll go over some basics to handle what I’m doing, but a tutorial(s) on Photoshop is way beyond the scope here. Therefore, a basic course on using Photoshop is appropriate before starting this one. The course consists of 6 downloadable files totaling over 5GB of content.

Now only $29!

Note: The download consists of a multi-part zip file. If on a Mac, use the UnArchiver. On a PC, Winzip should handle it. Please contact me if you have any issues downloading and unzipping the course contents.

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