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Down for the Count

My main editing system is no more. It was awesome, and went well before its time. It’s the only Macintosh system I have had die on me. Apple apparently had not perfected using laptop components in a desktop computer system yet. Such is my luck. Driving a 27″ monitor at high resolution was apparently too much for him. Or her.

Alas, it’s not worth fixing it given its age and the time constraints I am currently under (see below), so its replacement is on its way. RIP. I spent many happy hours in front of you. I would have preferred to hold out until the new Pro arrives. Maybe someday …

Actually its death was particularly untimely as I am in the middle of processing and printing in preparation for the October 2 Art Walk in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. Hence, I have not been shooting much but, given this latest event, it wouldn’t matter much if I did – I am rendered temporarily impotent.

I do find myself trying to turn it on every now and then. Hope? Perhaps by some miracle … but, alas, no.

I have been revisiting a lot of my work, tweaking here, adjusting there, adding where I think appropriate. Many of the images have appeared here, but all have been re-processed.

I’ve also had an opportunity to visit again with old friends, such as this image of Sommer taken in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, several years ago:


Prints have a special connection with us humans that seeing something digitally does not have. I print using a gyclee process on baryta paper (barium sulfate); it is expensive, but extremely beautiful with a wonderful depth and range of tones. I will have both framed and unframed (though mounted and matted) prints on display and for sale. Each is handcrafted by me to ensure the best of results.

If you are in the area, please stop by and say “hi.” I will be in Hemming Plaza, under the big white tent. I have a banner to help you find me 🙂 I would love to see you there!

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