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Dance, Yoga, Seniors & Creative Portraiture

Dance, Yoga, Seniors and Portrait Sessions

This is a creative, collaborative session between Don and you. Sessions are location based, and are 2 hours maximum in length. Expect a minimum of 12 finished images (fully retouched). Session fee is $150, which is applied to your package or a la carte purchase.

You can chose from 2 cost effective packages, or purchase items a la carte.

Gift Package

This package consists of the following items:

  • 8×12 coffee table book in a presentation box with up to 12 images from the session (each additional image is $50, which can be applied to your print credit).
  • 60% discount on a la carte pricing for additional prints
  • $300 print credit

Cost of the package is $500.

Print Package

  • custom printed 12×18 print
  • 50% discount on a la carte pricing for additional prints
  • $250 print credit

Cost of the package is $350.

a la carte Pricing

  • 8×10 or 8.5 x 11 print is $50
  • Multiple image sheets – (2) 5×7, or (1) 4×6 and (6) 2×3  of the same image are $50 each
  • 12×18 $100
  • 17×22 $150
  • image files suitable for posting online are $25 each
  • high resolution files are $200 each

Why have me print your pictures? Good question. The simple answer is quality. Each print is made individually. Printing and viewing online are 2 different things and require 2 different sets of adjustments, depending on the ink and paper used.

My prints are custom made on the finest archival paper. Images are fully retouched and presented in Don’s adaptive style and flair.

All prints include post-able image files. Talk to Don about other print offerings such as canvas and folio boxes. There is a FAQ which provides additional information and may answer some of your questions. Don will be happy to answer any additional ones you may have.

Comp Cards

Comp cards are an excellent way or you to present your dancer’s talent and appearance on a single, convenient, and impressive offering. Useful for auditions, admissions to dance schools and programs, as well as paid work. They are available in a variety of layouts and designs.

The cards are normally 5.5 x 8.5 inches and printed both sides.

Fee is $350 in-studio, and include 6-8 retouched images. You can either choose your own layout or work with me on one. Price does not include printing of cards.

The Fine Print

I reserve the right to use any photograph for any purpose, including but not limited to advertising, reproduction, and copyright. All images are copyright Donald J. Fadel, Jr.

Prices subject to change but are guaranteed for 30 days after session. No refunds.

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