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Dance Bubbles

I had done an image, “Dancepaper,” last year that I liked very much.


My problem with that image was that I didn’t realize not too many people are around who remember what fly paper is! It’s tough to sell a conceptual when a significant part of the audience doesn’t understand the basis for the concept …

But the idea of multiple dancers in a fantasy type situation stuck with me. I was reading a book on technique when I stumbled on a section on creating soap bubbles from scratch in Photoshop. That’s where this idea germinated.

Bubbles Comp

I had images from a shoot at the Jacksonville Centre of the Arts, and the consistency of their attire seemed to go well with this concept.

I was going to fabricate the bubbles – and did so successfully – but I used real bubbles from the shoot, instead. It’s interesting to me that they were almost as consistent as the ones that I created, although I did have to add some color to them to make them look “real.”

The park scene is from Vivary Park in Taunton, Somerset, England. You just never know when an image will be useful. I originally was intending on using a solid background (seamless paper), but decided context would be better, hence the park scene.

I will again be participating at the Art Walk in Downtown Jacksonville tomorrow, Wednesday, November 6, from 5-9PM. Please join me.

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