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Connemara Retrospective

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In the spring of 2006 I travelled to northwest Ireland, that area comprising Connemara. Known for its rustic beauty – and somewhat sparse population (save the sheep) – I wanted to test my skill at capturing what I experienced.

Alas, while I was happy with the images, it wasn’t until 10 years later – in 2016 – when I revisited the images that I was finally able to pull from the RAW captures the depth and color that I remembered. My understanding of color and post processing techniques had come a long way, and in preparation for reprinting them I saw them in a new light, gained of knowledge and experience.

Connemara offered a plethora of shooting opportunities. From the isolated, almost surreal ruins of Cong, to the lush green and yellow (courtesy of the gorse in bloom) and the blue mist of the backroads to Killary, to the lunar landscape of the Burren and the majesty of the cliffs of Moher and Kilkee, there was surprising diversity over not too many miles.

Pulling those colors from the CCD imager and conveying the rich textures was my goal in reprocessing the images. I wanted to recreate the visual experience. Naturally, most of the images are printed in color to bring out those lush, saturated greens of the grass, the yellows of the gorse and the blue mist that hung for hours in the distance. There are a few black and whites where I felt the story didn’t require it – light and gesture were enough. Horses for courses.

In viewing these, if you get an inkling of the soul of Connemara, of my experience, then I’ve done my job. I’ve succeeded at the photography.

I’d like to share these beautiful images, and have put together a collection of 14 of them, impeccably printed on thick fine art paper, and encased in an Archival Methods folio.

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Available on 8 1/2 x 11 fine art paper (Epson Exhibition Fibre, a thick fine art paper reminiscent of air-dried type F silver gelatin paper), it includes a description of the project and a signature page.  Each print is created individually allowing flexibility in image size within the print; as seen a “fine art” composition is employed.

They make a wonderful gift, given together or individually.

I am offering these at $250 for the collection, plus $15 shipping and handling (if applicable). Please add 7% tax if you live in Florida.

Please contact me to purchase or with any questions.

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