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Composite Fever

I’ve always been interested in composites. I tend to split mine between the surreal end of things, or the merely plausible, and the photo realistic.

This past weekend it was just such a time – the itch for a composite. I had a studio image of Emily that kept nagging at me.



It was begging to be composited. Weekends are ripe for personal projects so it was time to dive in.

I was going to do a watch ad in an underwater scene, inspired by a chapter in Corey Barker’s book on Photoshop for Designers.

But then this image wouldn’t escape from my mind – it wouldn’t leave – so I thought of merging the 2 concepts and came up with this:

Emily Ocean-Edit

Most of this scene is a fabrication done in Photoshop.

Composites for me are like bubblegum for the brain: they allow me to have fun while at the same time exercising Photoshop skills. And post production has been and always will be a big part of my work. If not in creating concepts, then at least in creating a final image. The capture – no matter how close it is to being “correct,” always needs at least a little work.

I admit the base image was not ideally lit for how I decided to use it, but I did not shoot it with this in mind. So I had to brute-force the lighting to make it at least plausible. If nothing else it was fun to do, and presented some challenges to overcome.


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