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Chocolate Inspirations

My daughter gave me as a Christmas gift the Mast Brothers Chocolate cookbook. Apparently the photographs, by Tuukka Koshi, were for me. The recipes were for her.

Luckily for me, at least from my perspective, the photographs made the book. And served as inspiration to shoot even more food.

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What I liked about Tuukka’s images, which I tried to emulate here, was an “honesty” with respect to the food that he was shooting. The ingredients were not perfect; it was in fact their imperfection which not only gave “validity” to the images but enhanced their impact. His processing was geared towards the “chocolate” theme and gave consistency to the presentation. Unencumbered, hopefully mine still possess the same degree of honesty which lends credibility to the images.

His lighting was also more dramatic. Often food is “light and bright”; his was more raking, lending to more shadow and drama. Again, this served as a point of inspiration and a different approach for me.

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