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Silver Lake Sand Dunes

I live at the beach, and we do have sand dunes. But not like the dunes at Silver Lake in Michigan.  They’re massive.  Which is interesting to me as you would think the ocean would […]

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Boothbay, Maine

A recent pleasure trip to Maine let me experience a personal, stress-free, fun, opportunity for photography. Some images from East Boothbay and the botanical gardens.

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No, not the candy. That would be obvious, though, as I shoot a lot of product. No, this is a (very) old version of bowling as we know it. And the form played in Somerset […]

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Connemara Retrospective

In the spring of 2006 I travelled to northwest Ireland, that area comprising Connemara. Known for its rustic beauty – and somewhat sparse population (save the sheep) – I wanted to test my skill at […]

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The Print

There’s nothing like holding a photograph, or viewing one printed on paper. That’s the way it was always meant to be. Although I don’t do – nor like – “analog” photography (film and silver gelatin […]

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I had the opportunity to play tourist in a cold (and occasionally icy and snowy) Washington, DC. I try to visit Arlington Cemetery as much as possible; my uncle Richie (West Point class of 1957) […]

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Sunsets never seem to be cliche, thought there a millions (if not billions) of images of them. Even while I was shooting Jess there were a number of iPad, phone, and even DSLR shooters along […]

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Colorado Springs, Sans Strobe

I don’t fancy myself a landscape photographer, and “fine art” is an approach – not an end game – for me as well. Nonetheless, this was the position I found myself in on a recent […]

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Back to Iowa

I returned to Iowa after a year long hiatus.  I visited for the first time last year. This time I had new gear to try, and the flash tube in my Qaudra actually managed to […]

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