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Boothbay, Maine

A recent pleasure trip to Maine let me experience a personal, stress-free, fun, opportunity for photography. Some images from East Boothbay and the botanical gardens.

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No, not the candy. That would be obvious, though, as I shoot a lot of product. No, this is a (very) old version of bowling as we know it. And the form played in Somerset […]

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Connemara Retrospective

In the spring of 2006 I travelled to northwest Ireland, that area comprising Connemara. Known for its rustic beauty – and somewhat sparse population (save the sheep) – I wanted to test my skill at […]

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The Print

There’s nothing like holding a photograph, or viewing one printed on paper. That’s the way it was always meant to be. Although I don’t do – nor like – “analog” photography (film and silver gelatin […]

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I had the opportunity to play tourist in a cold (and occasionally icy and snowy) Washington, DC. I try to visit Arlington Cemetery as much as possible; my uncle Richie (West Point class of 1957) […]

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Sunsets never seem to be cliche, thought there a millions (if not billions) of images of them. Even while I was shooting Jess there were a number of iPad, phone, and even DSLR shooters along […]

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Colorado Springs, Sans Strobe

I don’t fancy myself a landscape photographer, and “fine art” is an approach – not an end game – for me as well. Nonetheless, this was the position I found myself in on a recent […]

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Back to Iowa

I returned to Iowa after a year long hiatus.  I visited for the first time last year. This time I had new gear to try, and the flash tube in my Qaudra actually managed to […]

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