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Moscow Mule

Continuing with the lockdown projects, splash photography was up next. I had an idea. That was the first sign that things might get, well complicated. I envisioned an ad, for a Moscow Mule, with my […]

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Laser Level

During the COVID-19 lockdown, I decided to do as a challenge (time challenge that us) a continuing education class in which there are weekly assignments. I’ve shot a lot of product, and this week’s assignment […]

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Well, sort of. To pass the time during this pandemic I joined a class to kick my butt. Textured surfaces was the assignment, and I couldn’t find any I liked (wood, old metal, etc.) for […]

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Water Flosser

In part in keeping with the dental nature of my latest endeavor, and in part as a challenge, I wanted to shoot the water flosser that I use and do something different with the product […]

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Ferrari eau de toilette

Ah, Amazon. You’re only a click away. I purchased a new cologne, and when I received it I immediately knew I wanted to photograph it. And create a composite (that part was relatively easy – […]

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Fun with Milk

The evaporated kind. I was looking through images on the web and came across some work from Mark Bridge involving aqueous photography. Most photographers use acrylic ink, but he suggested using evaporated milk. I liked […]

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Headshots for a Dance Company

It’s been a while since I have posted. Between assignments, vacation, and everyday life time was at a premium. I’ll try and keep up to date with my postings. Pinky promise. Headshots have all of […]

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Pour Lui

I attended Leadercast recently, and was inspired by a talk by Donald Miller, the CEO of StoryBrand. Donald outlined 7 aspects that every story – whether a movie, a book, a marketing or sales campaign […]

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Router Magic

Sometimes less is more. The Bosch 1617 is a classic. It does not have variable speed. It is not a plunge router. Yet it works. Well. Feels good in the hand. And I love those […]

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Flip 3

This is one of the better portable Bluetooth speakers on the market. It has an interesting design, with what looks to be a speaker grill across its body; the actual speakers are on the ends.  […]

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