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Tis the Season

for Christmas card pics.   The Stringers chose a beach location, and we decided on an evening shoot. Sky color and low tide. Here in Florida (well, at least on our side of Florida) this […]

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I once heard advice when referring to wardrobe: you want to be stylish without being trendy. I think the same can be true with how photographs are processed. Things were definitely simpler in the film […]

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Red Balloons

The last image in my quarantine workshop was to be a conceptual one involving a red balloon. I knew immediately what I wanted to do: For whatever reason, I’ve always liked doing conceptual composites with […]

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Babies, Part Deux

The thing is, babies make great subjects.  I was inspired by an image I saw which motivated me to create these: The subject, again, is Thomas William. In the hands of his dad. This is […]

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The Graduate – Part Deux

This is Katelyn, newly graduated from high school (Natalie from Chapman University). The first is “the usual.” Great Pic. But in addition to the “safe shot,” I wanted something a little more. I had those […]

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The Graduate

Time, as they say, moves on. It’s a vector. Second law of thermodynamics and all. As on cue, Natalie is now a college graduate. Magna cum laude. The pandemic really changed things, as in no […]

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Hollywood Glam

It’s interesting that when one first embarks on a journey is when one is most free to experiment. The less experience, it seems, leads often to focus, to risk taking, to experimentation. Harkening back to […]

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Senior Session

Although I bill myself as a “commercial” photographer, I do a lot of non-commercial work – primarily headshots and portrait sessions. Last week Katelyn, Susie, and my able assistant Kindera took to the streets and […]

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Mother & Daughter

Personal moments are always the most memorable. Kindera wanted a photograph of her and her mother, 88 at the time of this photograph. A recent trip to the family farm in Iowa gave us such […]

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Yoga Anniversary

Red Skies Yoga celebrated their 1 year anniversary, and I was hired to record the event. First of all, if you’re a yogi, are in Jacksonville, FL, and don’t know about Red Skies you are […]

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