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Today’s post is on Insidious Tomatoes.

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Our 18% World

The image you see was posted recently and I’ve blogged about it, but today I want to use it to illustrate what I am about to talk about. Never mind that Apple has my desktop […]

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Redirected Post

Today’s post is on Insidious Tomatoes: The Editorial Photograph and the Moment

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Currency of the Heart

The highest price paid for a portrait of loved ones is not having one.

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Flowing Locks

Maybe because it’s the fact that I am lock-free (you always seem to want what you don’t have) but I’m really into blowing hair. What were once rejected images (sometimes) have become favorites as of […]

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Fashion Flare

Bringing a fashion flare (a term best employed by Lindsay Adler) to portrait photography seems to be the rage. Sue Bryce increasingly incorporates a fashion look into her glamor offerings as well. I’ve been playing […]

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The Shoulders I Stand On

Some folks claim there is nothing new in photography. The Renaissance painters and ancient sculptors probably heard similar complaints. While people have certainly been photographed before – perhaps countless ones with the same lighting setups, or […]

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Look What I Found

The best camera is the one you have with you – Chase Jarvis I found myself in San Francisco last week. I had some time to kill one morning, so I took a boat tour […]

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Zen and the Art of Photography

Living near a beach provides one with many therapeutic benefits (when one actually makes the effort to travel those long, hard, 4 blocks – but that’s another story). Actually, this year has been better than most. So […]

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The Best Laid Plans

I was inspired by an image by Bert Stern (surprised, right?) of a model wearing a man’s black shirt, jacket, tie, and a bowler style hat. What made the image was the hat and that […]

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