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Silver Lake Sand Dunes

I live at the beach, and we do have sand dunes. But not like the dunes at Silver Lake in Michigan.  They’re massive.  Which is interesting to me as you would think the ocean would […]

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I once heard advice when referring to wardrobe: you want to be stylish without being trendy. I think the same can be true with how photographs are processed. Things were definitely simpler in the film […]

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Pour Lui

I attended Leadercast recently, and was inspired by a talk by Donald Miller, the CEO of StoryBrand. Donald outlined 7 aspects that every story – whether a movie, a book, a marketing or sales campaign […]

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Standoff Revisited

I was approached by the UK magazine Amateur Photographer to write an article on this, one of my signature images. They were interested in the concept behind the image (one I too briefly wrote about […]

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Children’s Shoot

Some images from a children’s shoot this past weekend. While I am primarily a color photographer, I think black and white is in every photographer’s veins. As Robert Frank put it, “Black and white are […]

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Headshot Evolution

When your daughter gets her hair done, and you’re a photographer, there’s only one thing to do: headshots!   I do prefer landscape orientations, which fit better with contemporary presentations (web). These can be cropped, […]

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Website Adjustments

I’ve made some minor changes to the site to clarify what I do and what I can offer you. This manifests itself in some menu changes and redesigned pages, and an updated portfolio. Every post […]

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One Look, Two Styles

Post processing can obviously lend significant changes to the way an image presents itself. This is nothing new, and has been a part of photography since its inception. A photographer lends three basic skills to […]

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Faith in Profile

I was continuing my journey into beauty images – actually, a return to my roots. It’s interesting, at least to me, how subjects can photograph so differently – we are all individuals after all. Faith […]

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And While We’re on the Subject of Beauty Shots …

This image of Mel is what we’re typically talking about when we talk about a beauty shot: Mel is an actor. I’m a photographer. Mel’s job is to project a character – even herself – […]

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