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The Assist

Continuing down the road of light painting, Natalie and I hit the beach again for another session. A test, if you will. We were testing a solution to issues I have been having with both […]

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Light Painting With Dancers

I have to admit to being challenged by light painting. Balancing a long exposure against depth-of-field and sensor noise, in the dark, pleading with models to stay still for the duration, and creating something interesting […]

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More Yoga, More Beach

  In weightlifting, you use “muscle confusion” to increase the effectiveness of workouts. Same thing applies to flexing photography muscle. Continuing to be inspired by Eric Paré, Jess and I hit the beach early, before […]

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Light Painting on Tybee Island

We (Jess and I) decided to experiment with some light painting while on a visit to Tybee Island. I was inspired by the work of Eric Paré. This was our first attempt, Jess was injured […]

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