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Mariana Headshots

Mariana needed professional headshots for social media and for publicity (she is a singer in addition to being an international business major at a local university).   When shooting younger women my preference is beauty […]

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Should you?

Upon arriving at a certain age, one must deal with the reality of say a resume. You can limit your job history, but then again you’re limiting your experience as well. And that should be […]

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Color Graded Headshots

I was inspired by an article written by photographer John Gress. It was the lighting which first caught my attention, but I also noticed he color graded his sample images. I tried both when Kindera […]

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Yoga Updates

Red Skies Yoga needed to update instructor images on their website. It’s a beautiful studio, and I was fortunate to shoot live yoga there before. This time it was headshots and poses. It amazes me how […]

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Headshots for a Dance Company

It’s been a while since I have posted. Between assignments, vacation, and everyday life time was at a premium. I’ll try and keep up to date with my postings. Pinky promise. Headshots have all of […]

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Business Headshots

Headshots can be a lot of fun, even when used for business. At least shooting them can be. There’s definitely a different feel to them. Taylor needed some for his real estate business cards and […]

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As the Head Turns

Natalie and I decided to update her headshots (good idea for everyone!).  The style we generally employ is appropriate for actors, dancers – those in the performing arts. It’s suitable for printing and submitting for […]

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Children’s Shoot

Some images from a children’s shoot this past weekend. While I am primarily a color photographer, I think black and white is in every photographer’s veins. As Robert Frank put it, “Black and white are […]

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Headshot Evolution

When your daughter gets her hair done, and you’re a photographer, there’s only one thing to do: headshots!   I do prefer landscape orientations, which fit better with contemporary presentations (web). These can be cropped, […]

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Staying Current

I had been doing mostly client work and product photography for my portfolio recently, so when Natalie wanted some new headshots I was game for a change of pace. It had been a while since […]

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