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New Tools on the Block

As mentioned, I pulled the trigger on some new lighting equipment. I ran into limitations with my older gear with respect to action stopping ability. The new lights also give me the capability to shoot […]

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When the Light Isn’t On the Subject

Today’s post on Insidious Tomatoes.

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Necessity is the Mother

Part of any rehabilitation is admitting that you have a problem. Nearly every photographer has the gear problem, me included. Even though I really haven’t bought anything substantial in a while, I still lust. And […]

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Small Aperture is Your Best Friend and Worst Enemy

Wide aperture has always been identified with “professional” photography. It is also what separates photography from other arts – defocused backgrounds are a not-so-obvious part of human vision. The lens brought this to our consciousness. […]

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To Bar (or Not)

The background is one of the most important compositional choices a photographer makes. What to include, how it is lit (in relationship to the foreground subject), where the subject fits into it, are all choices […]

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Dance Theater

Dance Theater is generally the highest level at a dance school. They number all the other levels. Don’t ask me why it doesn’t have the next highest number because, well, I don’t know. For the […]

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Soul Food

There are times when I just need to shoot. Fortunately Natalie and I had scheduled some time so the universe aligned nicely. Ostensively I was testing lighting and she was trying out some poses for […]

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After a 3 week absence I’m back on the blog. I was busy editing video and was, as they say, consumed. But I’m better now. I received a call from Savery Morgan of CooperMorgan Dance to […]

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Composite Fever

I’ve always been interested in composites. I tend to split mine between the surreal end of things, or the merely plausible, and the photo realistic. This past weekend it was just such a time – […]

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Dance Comp Card Sessions

Dancer comp cards are not typical, but are a great idea. Rather than submitting a headshot AND a pose or 2, why not present a single card with multiple images and contact/biographic information just like […]

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