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Midnight Dancing on Water

Starring Addie. OK I’m on sort-of a roll. For whatever reason, I’m into composites. Not necessarily realistic, but illustrative. Call it a wild hair. I’ve been a professional photographer for over 10 years, and a […]

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En Pointe

I think it was Joe McNally who got me interested in photographing dancers. Actually, Joe was a big influence in general. It didn’t hurt that my daughter is a dancer – off to college now […]

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Light Painting With Dancers

I have to admit to being challenged by light painting. Balancing a long exposure against depth-of-field and sensor noise, in the dark, pleading with models to stay still for the duration, and creating something interesting […]

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ten·sion ˈtenSHən/ noun noun: tension the state of being stretched tight. mental or emotional strain. a strained political or social state or relationship. a relationship between ideas or qualities with conflicting demands or implications. “the […]

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Fun With Paint

I’ve always wanted to do an image using paint, and I had been struggling with how to use some of the dance shots from the latest session with Natalie. I came across an image by […]

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Group Photo Dancer Style

The usual manner in which a group photograph is taken is to blow a very large swath of light sufficient to illuminate the group. This is usually accomplished with something like a large umbrella flying […]

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Grid It

My annual shoot of CooperMorgan dance company usually is a location shoot, and this was no different. Well, sort of: the location was the new headquarters for the Jacksonville Centre of the Arts (JCA), the […]

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Back to Pointe

A studio dance session featuring Addie, some pointe shoes, and a whole lotta talent. We shot this with a single light mounted in a parabolic umbrella. This modifier is unique in that it is a […]

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Other Uses for Garden Hose Storage

I was thumbing through some dance images when a few by Richard Calmes struck me. His dancers were posing on planters; I didn’t have one that I thought could support the weight, but a copper […]

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the quality of bringing one into direct and instant involvement with something, giving rise to a sense of urgency or excitement – OS X Mavericks online dictionary Growing up (which I hope some day to actually […]

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