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Business Headshots

Headshots can be a lot of fun, even when used for business. At least shooting them can be.

There’s definitely a different feel to them.

Taylor needed some for his real estate business cards and website. As usual, starting out as a subject can be stressful, and it takes a while to get in the flow and natural looking smiles and poses. So you work at it, lighten it up a bit, and then things start to flow. It helps to have a photogenic subject, too.

Taylor wanted to use these on a black business card, so I suggested a grey background (the dreaded seamless) to provide some contrast yet not be, well, white. We shot a variety of poses and composition.

Everything was not all business, however, and we did get some casual ones in as well.

For business shots I use more lights than usual (4 in this case). I still want them memorable, yet professional, so bringing out the personality of my subject is still key to me. I also try to emphasize the jawline in men.

Technical details on flickr.

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