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Christy is a heavyweight bodybuilder. There is a lot muscle there, and Christy is pretty serious (she competes). There is a tattoo of a bulldog on her back, and, when I asked her about it, I was told it was her nickname. I believe it.

One of the props I was using for the shoot was a 10 lb plate I painted gold. I wanted her to hold it behind her back and asked if that was possible. She laughed. Ok …

The fight and the drive and the tenaciousness Christy brings to bodybuilding extends to the rest of her life as well. She is a cancer survivor. Actually, the cancer never had a chance.

Naturally, her type of aggressiveness and determination also means she is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.

Having the opportunity to photograph her, I wanted something different. I was originally thinking juxtaposition, but this turned out not to be the case. Christy – muscle and all – in an evening gown isn’t an image of two dissimilar ideas. It is simply an image of an elegant woman who happens to be a competitive bodybuilder.

She also has a million dollar smile that lights up a room.

You know, a real bulldog.

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