Hollywood Glam

It’s interesting that when one first embarks on a journey is when one is most free to experiment. The less experience, it seems, leads often to focus, to risk taking, to experimentation. Harkening back to […]

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Away (again)

I’ve been delinquent in posting – months, I know. I’ve started a new business for dentists and hygienists (https://DHConnect.biz) and this has really taken my time. I have not totally neglected my photography business, but […]

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Boothbay, Maine

A recent pleasure trip to Maine let me experience a personal, stress-free, fun, opportunity for photography. Some images from East Boothbay and the botanical gardens.

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Senior Session

Although I bill myself as a “commercial” photographer, I do a lot of non-commercial work – primarily headshots and portrait sessions. Last week Katelyn, Susie, and my able assistant Kindera took to the streets and […]

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Mother & Daughter

Personal moments are always the most memorable. Kindera wanted a photograph of her and her mother, 88 at the time of this photograph. A recent trip to the family farm in Iowa gave us such […]

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Spicing up Real Estate Images

I do a lot of (inexpensive) real estate photography, primarily for rental properties. No lighting – most of the heavy lifting being done by Photoshop. It’s definitely not high end, but, then again, neither is […]

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Business Portrait

It’s important to keep professional portraits up to date – even for yours truly. This image is the basis for social media posts, such as LinkedIn. It has enough real estate to provide crop for […]

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Color Graded Headshots

I was inspired by an article written by photographer John Gress. It was the lighting which first caught my attention, but I also noticed he color graded his sample images. I tried both when Kindera […]

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Christmas Portrait with Dogs

It’s only natural for a photographer to give the gift of photography, isn’t it? So as a gift for Jess and Taylor, I created something that I’ve seen and wanted to replicate – but this […]

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Ferrari eau de toilette

Ah, Amazon. You’re only a click away. I purchased a new cologne, and when I received it I immediately knew I wanted to photograph it. And create a composite (that part was relatively easy – […]

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