For this image, taken to show form, I used some clocks my dad made. This is more of a still life than a product shot (I left the glass on; were it a product shot […]

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A food texture shot. That’s a pizza stone under it – I liked the color 🙂 Simple lighting setup in a classic 1-light configuration, with a reflector to fill in shadows (somewhat – we still […]

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Moscow Mule

Continuing with the lockdown projects, splash photography was up next. I had an idea. That was the first sign that things might get, well complicated. I envisioned an ad, for a Moscow Mule, with my […]

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Laser Level

During the COVID-19 lockdown, I decided to do as a challenge (time challenge that us) a continuing education class in which there are weekly assignments. I’ve shot a lot of product, and this week’s assignment […]

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Well, sort of. To pass the time during this pandemic I joined a class to kick my butt. Textured surfaces was the assignment, and I couldn’t find any I liked (wood, old metal, etc.) for […]

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Water Flosser

In part in keeping with the dental nature of my latest endeavor, and in part as a challenge, I wanted to shoot the water flosser that I use and do something different with the product […]

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Should you?

Upon arriving at a certain age, one must deal with the reality of say a resume. You can limit your job history, but then again you’re limiting your experience as well. And that should be […]

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Hollywood Glam

It’s interesting that when one first embarks on a journey is when one is most free to experiment. The less experience, it seems, leads often to focus, to risk taking, to experimentation. Harkening back to […]

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Away (again)

I’ve been delinquent in posting – months, I know. I’ve started a new business for dentists and hygienists ( and this has really taken my time. I have not totally neglected my photography business, but […]

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Boothbay, Maine

A recent pleasure trip to Maine let me experience a personal, stress-free, fun, opportunity for photography. Some images from East Boothbay and the botanical gardens.

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