Tis the Season

for Christmas card pics.   The Stringers chose a beach location, and we decided on an evening shoot. Sky color and low tide. Here in Florida (well, at least on our side of Florida) this […]

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The Goose Delivers

Sometimes an idea just won’t leave the old noodle. It took a couple of variations – and I may not be through with all of them just yet – but this exploration of fantastical images […]

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Silver Lake Sand Dunes

I live at the beach, and we do have sand dunes. But not like the dunes at Silver Lake in Michigan.  They’re massive.  Which is interesting to me as you would think the ocean would […]

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I once heard advice when referring to wardrobe: you want to be stylish without being trendy. I think the same can be true with how photographs are processed. Things were definitely simpler in the film […]

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Mariana Headshots

Mariana needed professional headshots for social media and for publicity (she is a singer in addition to being an international business major at a local university).   When shooting younger women my preference is beauty […]

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Red Balloons

The last image in my quarantine workshop was to be a conceptual one involving a red balloon. I knew immediately what I wanted to do: For whatever reason, I’ve always liked doing conceptual composites with […]

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Babies, Part Deux

The thing is, babies make great subjects.  I was inspired by an image I saw which motivated me to create these: The subject, again, is Thomas William. In the hands of his dad. This is […]

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The Graduate – Part Deux

This is Katelyn, newly graduated from high school (Natalie from Chapman University). The first is “the usual.” Great Pic. But in addition to the “safe shot,” I wanted something a little more. I had those […]

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The Graduate

Time, as they say, moves on. It’s a vector. Second law of thermodynamics and all. As on cue, Natalie is now a college graduate. Magna cum laude. The pandemic really changed things, as in no […]

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They’re literally popping up everywhere for me. So what’s a commercial photographer doing photographing (I was going to use “shooting” but figured that was a bad idea) babies? Well, it’s called “versatility.” It also helps […]

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