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Babies, Part Deux

The thing is, babies make great subjects. 

I was inspired by an image I saw which motivated me to create these:

The subject, again, is Thomas William. In the hands of his dad.

This is what I consider guerrilla photography: on location, with a collapsable background leaning against furniture, the infant’s father lying on the floor with arms extended, a DC pack and head system and lightweight light stand. All ultra portable. And getting, well, what you get when said infant has no diaper on. 

Oh, and I lost a rather expensive head whose smoke added to the ambiance. No idea how, but in looking back the (new) flash tune – installed then tested with no problems and done too many times before – failed to fire, and the head was accumulating energy as the pack thought it had. Until, I suppose, it ate too much, and with a load pop gave up the ghost.

Now I’m down to 1 head for my DC pack. Me and Elinchrom have not been getting along very well lately. Between it and On Cloud running shoes – both of whom proudly boast of “Swiss Engineering” – well, I’m not so impressed. To be sort-of fair the head was over 10 yers old, but then again the shoes had only 200 miles on them when they wore, and smelled really bad. 

But I digress in my bitterness, as my dad would say.

Ah the joys of location photography.

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