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Aquariums and Gobos and Splashes, Oh My!

I was looking for something eye catching for my portfolio, and decided that I needed some splash shots.

Actually, this shot of  a Nivea shaving balm bottle isn’t what it appears to be:

© Donald J. Fadel, Jr. |

To do this shot, the bottle is actually inverted in a fish tank; I flipped it to make it appear that the bottle is coming out of the water (when it is actually the other way around).

The pattern in the background was an accident. I had originally wanted to highlight the bottle with a white gradient, falling to blue towards the edges of the frame (I didn’t have blue background paper, which would have been easier to achieve this effect, so I used a blue gel instead). I created a homemade gobo (that’s a fancy term for something that goes between the light and subject – get it – go between) but the effect came out like this.  Rather than refine it, I liked the effect and went with it. The happy accident.

Keeping the aquarium clean was the biggest challenge in this shot!

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