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Apple TV

I’m something of an electronics freak. A lot of this is borne of necessity – I am a photographer and therefore depend on technology to record, process, and store my images. Using high resolution cameras means lots of storage, and that needs to be managed. So computers are a big part of what I do.

However this holds true for entertainment as well. My music and movies are stored in iTunes, as well as hundreds of training courses and other content. I like this content to be available throughout the house, and especially on the LCD TVs. Wireless and Home Sharing take care of the iOS devices, while Apple TV (ATV) takes care of the TVs.

I recently had to replace my generation 1 ATV. It died. It’s sad.

When the new one arrived and I took it out of its little box I immediately wanted to photograph it. Looking around at inspirational images I saw everything was shot on white, even though the device is black. My fondness for tone-on-tone images inspired me to shoot it thusly:

© Donald J. Fadel, Jr. |

You can easily see my minimalist style, which in this particular case is very complimentary of the style of the device. It almost looks like a glorified hockey puck. With style.

There were challenges. No matter how I cleaned it, minuscule variations in the plastic case caused specular reflections. These I had to remove in post production. The lighting itself was simple, with an overhead to reflect on the top surface and a gridded source to camera left providing the highlight to enhance its shape. I elected not to mirror this on the opposite side to emphasize the black glossy nature of the product. I felt the hint provided by the left hand side was enough.

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