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Ah, the weather

It’s been unusually wet here in North Florida, even more so than usual. It’s also starting to get hot. Really hot. Not Phoenix hot, but that sticky Florida heat.

So being the genius that I am I scheduled a shoot for 3 PM with only a 40% chance of showers.

You can guess the rest. After an hour or so we got dumped on.

We chose as a location the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, on the western side, with a view of the Atlantic Boulevard bridge. I was originally intent on doing some flowing fabric type of shots, hoping to do a lot with it in post, but the wind was blowing in the wrong direction. Well, and I had a really crappy implementation strategy. Oh, and Jess was looking INTO the sun. Ah, planning.

You can see her pensively trying to determine what the weather – and I – was going to do. Or if the crazy guy behind the camera really knows what he’s doing.

We reversed course and did some marina view shots, none of which were something to write home to mom about. But the weather moved in, making the direction to where the sun was easier to deal with, and we came up with some handstands before getting soaked. 

Yes, there’s something about high voltage electrical devices and water that gets the juices flowing.

Jess is a yoga instructor and can really nail handstands. Using the HS head on my Quadra, placed in the MaxiLite, I was able to shoot at fairly wide aperture – f/2 – at shutter speeds up to 1/8000. I am also testing this new gear, and am amazed at the capabilities. Oh, and I still had the pack at half power. Extremely efficient. The depth of field isn’t too shallow as I was using a 35mm lens; I didn’t want that much background/foreground compression that a telephoto lens would give, and I wanted to  (slightly) exaggerating the import of my subject in the foreground. 35mm is considered the widest “normal” perspective lens, so the effect is somewhat minimized. I think the focus though is a good compromise, showing just enough background detail yet there being no question where attention should be made. A wider lens would have also been harder to defocus the background.

I key shifted by about a stop.

I’m still getting used to shooting HiSync but have enjoyed what it can add to my photography.

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