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A Lapse in Time

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve had a health issue that landed me in the hospital, and that has put a damper on things. A time warp, if you will.

I’m well now, getting back into shape – a slow process, especially on the strength side of things. I’m a weight lifter and runner, and the loss in muscle mass (I basically didn’t eat anything for the four days I was in the hospital) was alarming. This affected me more on the strength side than the running side.

Since then I’ve been doing a lot of real estate photography. I offer a very inexpensive package suitable for rental properties; the difference this makes to the listing agent though is profound. Once the images appear the properties are often leased that day.

The package consists of  a set of images shot with a simple illustrative style, with no supplemental lighting, suitable for simple online listings.

© Donald J. Fadel, Jr. |

© Donald J. Fadel, Jr. |

This is therefore quite a departure from what you’re used to seeing here.

Most of what I post here is personal work, which tends to be more interesting with less structure. This allows greater freedom of expression and the ability to fail – often miserably. They say you learn more from your failures than your successes.  I think I qualify for a Phd.

Hopefully I’ll return to this real soon now. Stay tuned.

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