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70’s Style Fashion Shoot

I was shooting for an assignment of a period piece, and wanted something retro and new. I have shot quite a bit of Hollywood Glamor with a 30s-40s feel to it, but I had a wonderful model, Rebecca, interested in doing a fashion type shoot that had some period outfits.

This started out as a sixties shoot, but the outfits probably are more early seventies.

I shot this against an unlit cyc, as I thought post processing would go a long way towards defining the period look I was going for (in addition to the wardrobe). The lighting was a simple frontal light (Elinchrom Quadra “A” head in the Deep Octa, without the outer baffle), with 2 rim lights as accents and a grid on the background to provide a gradient:



The following are 2 sample images from the shoot. You see them after retouch but before the period PP treatment. Mousing over reveals the after effects; I used Matt Kosklowski’s vintage style presets at 50% opacity to achieve the final look. I also added a Polaroid frame, which I had envisioned as completing the look, on the second image.


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