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Speas and Grimes Farms, Fall 2017

I realize that I haven’t posted in a while. Other distractions have kept me away – photographic and otherwise. Doing lots of real estate photography and projects around the home. I went to Iowa in […]

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Florida is Beautiful

Florida’s beauty is defined by her water. Inland rivers, the ocean. Vast swatches of green, blue, and brown. And the wildlife that inhabits and surrounds them. From the ground, sometimes this is difficult to see. […]

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I was commenting to a friend how grateful I am to have access to technologies that enable photographic vision. This is the golden age of photography. Everything from smart phones to amazing cameras with unheard […]

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Births are always special. Especially grandkids. Especially when they are yours. I took a lot of photographs. I’m so thankful for the Sony A7R Mark II and it’s amazing high ISO performance. The room was […]

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What Was Then

Old Mayport isn’t what it used to be. A lot of the shrimp boats are still there, to be sure. But many of the docks – decrepit as they might have been – are long […]

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Yet another new site. The look hasn’t changed, but I’ve moved my site to a new address (the old neighborhood was getting a little pricey). 5 years, 268 posts, and who knows how many changes […]

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New Digital Digs

You will no doubt have noticed the new website design. After 5 years or so I thought it time for a change. It was also the opportunity to clean some things up and make it […]

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Goodbye Old Friend

Life is transitory. We can’t escape that fact. For 6 years I have shot at the Kind Studio at the intersection of Mayport and Plaza in Atlantic Beach, literally right down the street from my […]

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Sea & Sky

Biennially, the beaches host the Sea and Sky Spectacular, featuring the Blue Angels. It’s fun to shoot, and to try out new gear. It’s not often I get to shoot airplanes under these conditions. Speaking […]

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Using Light Where You Find It

Subtitled: The iPhone Is Not Just For Taking Selfies. Finding the light has always been a fundamental tenant of photography. Being a commercial photographer often means bringing your own – but the truth is this […]

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