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Woodford Bourbon

I’m a Bourbon aficionado, and was inspired by an image of Scotch (like too) by Dennis Savini. I faced a couple more challenges, I think. I would normally back light glass, but Dennis front lit […]

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Wild Shine

I’ve wanted to do more work with cosmetics. They offer interesting textures and colors, and have the ability to easily group multiple items in a shot. Working with liquids is something that I’ve also been […]

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Children’s Shoot

Some images from a children’s shoot this past weekend. While I am primarily a color photographer, I think black and white is in every photographer’s veins. As Robert Frank put it, “Black and white are […]

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Lipstick Composite

Now that all the bits and bytes are in their proper place, the allure of the pop of the strobes called.   Inspiration from this shot came from 2 sources. I saw a lipstick composite […]

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Headshot Evolution

When your daughter gets her hair done, and you’re a photographer, there’s only one thing to do: headshots!   I do prefer landscape orientations, which fit better with contemporary presentations (web). These can be cropped, […]

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Doggone Sunset

Sunsets aren’t just for humans anymore. Cue Belle and the canine variety: I was inspired by a guest blog on Scott Kelby’s site by pet photographer Kaylee Greer. I used an unusual lens for a […]

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Sunsets never seem to be cliche, thought there a millions (if not billions) of images of them. Even while I was shooting Jess there were a number of iPad, phone, and even DSLR shooters along […]

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It’s always good to challenge yourself. It helps shake the cobwebs out, get you thinking. On a recommendation I purchased a cologne; it came as a set. When I looked at the bottle, I knew […]

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The Environmental Portrait

I suppose you could consider any portrait – even a studio one – to be “environmental”. Usually my studio ones consist of an environment of solid white or grey or black. Or a background cloth. […]

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Triangles, Revisited

Triangles are your friend, even in something as simple as a headshot. Besides the lovely model Natalie, who looks admittedly like a much more glamorous Mona Lisa, what makes this work visually are the triangles […]

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