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Outdoor Portrait Using HiSync

One of the challenges when using strobe outdoors is obtaining wide aperture to get a shallow depth of field. Why use strobe outside in the first place? There are a variety of reasons, although the […]

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Router Magic

Sometimes less is more. The Bosch 1617 is a classic. It does not have variable speed. It is not a plunge router. Yet it works. Well. Feels good in the hand. And I love those […]

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You Gotta Have Shoes

At least that’s what someone told me once, in reference to having lots of them. I suppose so … I’m personally partial to Nike (I pronate and the LunarGlides are my running shoe of choice). […]

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The Seam in Seamless

Slowed a little bit by my recovery, it’s taken a while to get back into the swing of things photographically speaking. I needed some full length images (of myself) for social media purposes. Having recently […]

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The Print

There’s nothing like holding a photograph, or viewing one printed on paper. That’s the way it was always meant to be. Although I don’t do – nor like – “analog” photography (film and silver gelatin […]

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Beach Lifestyle Shoot

It’s been a long time since I’ve photographed swimwear and casual beach attire. I met up with Lizzie one morning last week and proceeded to do just that. I wanted a very light, bright, look […]

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Sometimes Even the Sun is Superfluous

I’m not a big fan shooting without light direction. Overcast skies make a nice, large, light source, but there tends to be no direction to it unless you add strobe or bounce light into the […]

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Light Painting on Tybee Island

We (Jess and I) decided to experiment with some light painting while on a visit to Tybee Island. I was inspired by the work of Eric Paré. This was our first attempt, Jess was injured […]

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Woodford Bourbon

I’m a Bourbon aficionado, and was inspired by an image of Scotch (like too) by Dennis Savini. I faced a couple more challenges, I think. I would normally back light glass, but Dennis front lit […]

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Wild Shine

I’ve wanted to do more work with cosmetics. They offer interesting textures and colors, and have the ability to easily group multiple items in a shot. Working with liquids is something that I’ve also been […]

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