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Been busy, so the posts have been few and far between. But it’s about time, I think … Part of my flickr feed has Elke Vogelsang, a German photographer specializing in dog photography. I loved […]

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Yoga Updates

Red Skies Yoga needed to update instructor images on their website. It’s a beautiful studio, and I was fortunate to shoot live yoga there before. This time it was headshots and poses. It amazes me how […]

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Business Headshots

Headshots can be a lot of fun, even when used for business. At least shooting them can be. There’s definitely a different feel to them. Taylor needed some for his real estate business cards and […]

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Sometimes the best models are the youngest. And the cutest. Especially when they are one of your own. This is Wyatt, #4 in the grandchild chain if you’re counting. The inspiration for this were the […]

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En Pointe

I think it was Joe McNally who got me interested in photographing dancers. Actually, Joe was a big influence in general. It didn’t hurt that my daughter is a dancer – off to college now […]

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Ah, the weather

It’s been unusually wet here in North Florida, even more so than usual. It’s also starting to get hot. Really hot. Not Phoenix hot, but that sticky Florida heat. So being the genius that I […]

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Outdoor Portrait Using HiSync

One of the challenges when using strobe outdoors is obtaining wide aperture to get a shallow depth of field. Why use strobe outside in the first place? There are a variety of reasons, although the […]

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Engagement Shoot at the Stables

It’s always special when you can match a photography session with the personality of those you shoot. This is especially true for very meaningful events, like a wedding, or, in this case, an engagement. Jess […]

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Happy Holidays 2016

I try to have fun with holiday cards. These are very personal projects and an opportunity for creative outlet. And with a very definite theme, there is enough of a constraint to help guide the […]

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The Seam in Seamless

Slowed a little bit by my recovery, it’s taken a while to get back into the swing of things photographically speaking. I needed some full length images (of myself) for social media purposes. Having recently […]

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