Florida is Beautiful

Florida’s beauty is defined by her water. Inland rivers, the ocean. Vast swatches of green, blue, and brown. And the wildlife that inhabits and surrounds them. From the ground, sometimes this is difficult to see. […]

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I was commenting to a friend how grateful I am to have access to technologies that enable photographic vision. This is the golden age of photography. Everything from smart phones to amazing cameras with unheard […]

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As the Head Turns

Natalie and I decided to update her headshots (good idea for everyone!).  The style we generally employ is appropriate for actors, dancers – those in the performing arts. It’s suitable for printing and submitting for […]

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Ah, the weather

It’s been unusually wet here in North Florida, even more so than usual. It’s also starting to get hot. Really hot. Not Phoenix hot, but that sticky Florida heat. So being the genius that I […]

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Outdoor Portrait Using HiSync

One of the challenges when using strobe outdoors is obtaining wide aperture to get a shallow depth of field. Why use strobe outside in the first place? There are a variety of reasons, although the […]

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St. Johns River View

I was on assignment, photographing a home off Alta Drive in Jacksonville. The house was located on the St. John’s river and, while modest, had one of the most beautiful river/marsh views that I have […]

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Births are always special. Especially grandkids. Especially when they are yours. I took a lot of photographs. I’m so thankful for the Sony A7R Mark II and it’s amazing high ISO performance. The room was […]

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Pour Lui

I attended Leadercast recently, and was inspired by a talk by Donald Miller, the CEO of StoryBrand. Donald outlined 7 aspects that every story – whether a movie, a book, a marketing or sales campaign […]

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Router Magic

Sometimes less is more. The Bosch 1617 is a classic. It does not have variable speed. It is not a plunge router. Yet it works. Well. Feels good in the hand. And I love those […]

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Flip 3

This is one of the better portable Bluetooth speakers on the market. It has an interesting design, with what looks to be a speaker grill across its body; the actual speakers are on the ends.  […]

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