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Outdoor Portrait Using HiSync

One of the challenges when using strobe outdoors is obtaining wide aperture to get a shallow depth of field. Why use strobe outside in the first place? There are a variety of reasons, although the […]

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St. Johns River View

I was on assignment, photographing a home off Alta Drive in Jacksonville. The house was located on the St. John’s river and, while modest, had one of the most beautiful river/marsh views that I have […]

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Births are always special. Especially grandkids. Especially when they are yours. I took a lot of photographs. I’m so thankful for the Sony A7R Mark II and it’s amazing high ISO performance. The room was […]

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Pour Lui

I attended Leadercast recently, and was inspired by a talk by Donald Miller, the CEO of StoryBrand. Donald outlined 7 aspects that every story – whether a movie, a book, a marketing or sales campaign […]

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Router Magic

Sometimes less is more. The Bosch 1617 is a classic. It does not have variable speed. It is not a plunge router. Yet it works. Well. Feels good in the hand. And I love those […]

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Flip 3

This is one of the better portable Bluetooth speakers on the market. It has an interesting design, with what looks to be a speaker grill across its body; the actual speakers are on the ends.  […]

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Kitchen Appliance for Portfolio

Shooting appliances can be challenging. My first attempt at depicting a KitchenAid mixer was a failure. I tried to shoot it in a kitchen, but it just wouldn’t work. I almost threw the towel in. […]

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No, not the candy. That would be obvious, though, as I shoot a lot of product. No, this is a (very) old version of bowling as we know it. And the form played in Somerset […]

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You Gotta Have Shoes

At least that’s what someone told me once, in reference to having lots of them. I suppose so … I’m personally partial to Nike (I pronate and the LunarGlides are my running shoe of choice). […]

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I heard that chocolate milk was a great recovery drink for running and lifting. I tried this particular brand one day, and am hooked. It’s great. I buy ’em 4 at a time. I considered […]

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