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Sometimes the best models are the youngest. And the cutest. Especially when they are one of your own. This is Wyatt, #4 in the grandchild chain if you’re counting. The inspiration for this were the […]

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Speas and Grimes Farms, Fall 2017

I realize that I haven’t posted in a while. Other distractions have kept me away – photographic and otherwise. Doing lots of real estate photography and projects around the home. I went to Iowa in […]

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En Pointe

I think it was Joe McNally who got me interested in photographing dancers. Actually, Joe was a big influence in general. It didn’t hurt that my daughter is a dancer – off to college now […]

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Red Skies

I had the opportunity of photographing an event at the most beautiful studio I have yet seen. Granted, it was a yoga studio, and my experience with yoga studios is limited. Like this is the […]

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Florida is Beautiful

Florida’s beauty is defined by her water. Inland rivers, the ocean. Vast swatches of green, blue, and brown. And the wildlife that inhabits and surrounds them. From the ground, sometimes this is difficult to see. […]

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I was commenting to a friend how grateful I am to have access to technologies that enable photographic vision. This is the golden age of photography. Everything from smart phones to amazing cameras with unheard […]

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As the Head Turns

Natalie and I decided to update her headshots (good idea for everyone!).  The style we generally employ is appropriate for actors, dancers – those in the performing arts. It’s suitable for printing and submitting for […]

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Ah, the weather

It’s been unusually wet here in North Florida, even more so than usual. It’s also starting to get hot. Really hot. Not Phoenix hot, but that sticky Florida heat. So being the genius that I […]

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Outdoor Portrait Using HiSync

One of the challenges when using strobe outdoors is obtaining wide aperture to get a shallow depth of field. Why use strobe outside in the first place? There are a variety of reasons, although the […]

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St. Johns River View

I was on assignment, photographing a home off Alta Drive in Jacksonville. The house was located on the St. John’s river and, while modest, had one of the most beautiful river/marsh views that I have […]

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